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Service Material
title author application notes
AC Recharge carl rose 328  
AC switch cleaning carl rose 328  
Airbox/Coolant Pipe Interference carl rose, dave handa 328  
Battery Replacement and Maintenance Charger carl rose, mark foley 328  
Brake Flush carl rose 328  
CIS Fuel Pressure Check carl rose 328  
Coolant Replacement carl rose, mark foley 328  
Distributor Shaft Seal Replacement carl rose 328  
Fuel Filler Hose Replacement carl rose, mark foley 328  
Fuel Filter Change carl rose 328  
Fuel Injection ECU Testing carl rose, brian crall, mark foley 328  
Gearbox Oil Change carl rose 328  
Heater Core Removal carl rose 328  
Inner Door Panel Removal carl rose 328  
Ignition ECU (Microplex) Testing carl rose, brian crall, mark foley 328  
Oil Change carl rose 328  
Throttle Position Switch (TPS) carl rose, mark foley 328  

Misc Stuff
title application notes
Bosch FI Applications all injected cars bosch reference with part numbers for various makes of cars. Useful as a cross reference to avoid the yellow box markup
Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection all injected cars bosch description of K-Jetronic system operation.

Ferrari Docs

Note: items with no links I don't have, I just know they exist.

year title part number notes
all 328 technical specifications torques, clearances, etc. You want this! For things not listed, see the workshop manuals - including previous models 328
all owners manuals   download them directly from the ferrari site. although they are pdf files, they have been compressed into self-extracting zip files.

some of them are here

all 328 service bulletins 328 service bulletins in single pdf file 328
  service bulletins individual bulletin access 365-testarossa
  328 recalls   328
  tr recalls   tr
  308gt4 workshop manual 95990809  
  308gt4 revisions    
  308gt4 wiring diagram    
1978 308 parts catalog 161/78  
1980 fuel pressure specifications    
1981 308 wiring diagrams   gtb/gts
1981-1982 mondial parts catalog 214/81 US version. 1980-1982 308 uses a lot of these parts (like the engine and fuel injection)
1981-1985 Mondial8/QV workshop manual 281/83  
1983-1989 308QV/328 workshop manual 550/89
see also mondial8/qv manual for missing sections. Some are applicable.
1986-1987 328 wiring 440/86
US version. 69MB! 300 dpi scan. pages 1-12 are 8x11, the rest are 11x17.
1983-1989 328 bulletins   specifications, torques, service bulletins
1985-1986 328 GTB/GTS parts catalog 374/85
US models
1987 328 GTB/GTS parts catalog 462/87
US models
1987 mondial 3.2 wiring 488/87 all models
1988 328 GTB/GTS parts catalog 524/88
All models
1988-1989 teves ABS MKII brake system 534/88
US models
1989 workshop manual 550/89
1989 328 wiring 559/89
US version. pages are chopped, making it harder to read.

Other Sites With Material
URL What's There
ferrariWiring.com Colorized schematic/wiring diagrams. If you've ever tried tracing the full schematic and concluded the headlights were controlled by the radio, these schematics will help a lot.
ferraridatabase.com lots more documentation
ferrarichat.com one of the ferrari community forum sites. Great place to ask for help.